Custom Poker Tables
Only the
Will Do
Every custom poker table built by Diamond Tables
is a high quality table that is built to last for many,
many years.  We do take pride in the expert
craftsmanship that is used on each and every table.

We offer a wide variety of materials that can be
used in building your own custom poker table.   Let
us help you create your own unique poker table.

Here are just a few of the custom poker tables
designed by Diamond Tables of Las Vegas.
Diamond Custom Poker Table

This poker table was built for an IT Professional that hosted many home tournaments.  It has
over 3200 individually hand placed diamond shaped pieces of mahogany wood on this custom
poker table.  It has a durable high gloss finish.  The legs are removable for easy transport.  
The unique table base features black accents.  The high quality padded rail is removable.  This
is an extremely solid table yet light weight.  Your poker game will never be the same with this
Special Lighting Custom Poker Table

This poker table was re-built for a Production Company to use at corporate headquarters.  It
has a special lighting effects on both the outer rim and inner rim.  Both rims have brushed
metal which allow the lighting to shine through.  The lighting is coordinated to the custom logo
felt.  The base was designed for extra storage in filming purposes.  
Black and Metal Custom Poker Table

This poker table was built for a CEO's surprise birthday party.  His wife provided an initial
design of what she was looking for.  It features black and brushed metal legs and rim.  With a
custom logo felt, this table looked fabulous at corporate headquarters!