About Our Business
I have over 20 years experience in
custom building with both wood and
metal.  I have built many high end
pieces that I have designed for
multi-million dollar homes in the Las
Vegas area.  I am now focused on
the high end Poker market for both
tables and custom felts.  

I have studied the poker tables
available on the market but none
seemed to be fitted for the high end
ultimate poker player.  I created the
very first piece of poker art.  It has
stunned those who have had the
opportunity to play and view our first
table.  This is truly the DIAMOND of
all tables.

I am currently working with the
production team for ESPN on custom
poker felts for Poker Tournaments all
over the country (and currently
outside of the US).  I have also  
designed camera mount tables for
use with television poker shows.  If
you need someone with expertise in
this area, please feel free to contact
me.  I have many contacts that have
experience in producing both
televised Poker Tournaments and
Reality Shows.  I would be happy to
will refer you to them.

Thank you for taking the time to view
the site.

Kent Reynolds